Reptiles often aren’t known for their motherly care. Most reptile babies are on their own from the minute the egg is hatched or the day they are born. One famous exception is the members of the crocodile and alligator family! We’re heading to South Georgia (our home state) to meet one responsible reptile mom! These large and in charge reptiles mean business! Are you ready to meet them?


   Range/Habitat: Southwestern United States/ wetlands, swamps,

rivers,lakes, ponds

    Diet: Carnivore: fish, deer, mammals

    Length/Weight: 9 ½-16 ft/ 200-500 lbs

    Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  • Alligators are large, territorial and fierce reptiles.
  • They have been on the planet for millions of years.
  • Male alligators bellow or roar to attract females.
  • Female alligators lay 25- 60 eggs in a nest build of mud and vegetation.
  • They guard the nest from predators, such as raccoons.
  • When the baby alligators hatch they are all female or male.  The temperature of the nest determines the sex of the babies.
  • Once they begin to hatch, the mother helps dig open the nest.
  • She protects them from predators by carrying them around on her head or in her mouth.
  • Baby alligators stay with their moms for around 3 years.

Wow, you don’t want to mess with a momma alligator, especially with all those teeth! They work very hard protecting their young from a whole host of predators! Way to go alligator moms!

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  1. Wow! Three years? I hope they don’t ride around in her mouth for that long!

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