It’s Super Surprise Thursday and we’re celebrating another watery animal friend. Today we are jetting off to the waters of Pacific and Indonesian oceans to meet a very beautiful and helpful fish! It’s time everyone learned how sand is really made J! Let’s go!


   Range/Habitat: Indian-Pacific Oceans/ coral reefs

   Diet: Herbivore: algae

   Length: up to 32”

   Conservation Status: Common



Fun Facts:

  • Bicolor parrotfish have fused molar teeth that resemble a parrot’s beak.
  • Bicolor parrotfish are brightly colored.
  • Their beak like mouths and coloration gave them the name parrotfish!
  • Juvenile bicolor parrotfish are white with orange on their head.
  • They eat algae off the coral.
  • When bicolor parrotfish chew up the coral and algae, they crush the coral. The coral that is not digested is then pooped out in sand form.
  • One large bicolor parrotfish can produce up to 2,200 lbs of a sand year.

Well, who knew that the beautiful white sand beaches of the Pacific were really fish poop? Hehe! There are other species of parrotfish in the Caribbean too, so you cannot escape the fish poop! Actually these fish are amazing and they do help build the ocean floor and the beaches that animals rely on for habitats and that humans love to relax on!



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2 thoughts on “SUPER SURPRISE THURSDAY # 35

  1. I’ll never quite see sand in the same way ever again…!! 😉
    What beautifully coloured fish they are.. 🙂

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