We Get the Scoop on Poop!

Scoop on the Poop!

That’s right folks you read the headline right, we’re talking poop today! We took a field trip one of our most favorite places, Fernbank Museum of Natural History. We went to check out their new exhibit “Scoop on the Poop” that opens Saturday May 26th.  We had such fun learning all kinds of fun poop facts! We giggled, we cringed and we were amazed! Be prepared to the same with 10 Great Moments in Poop!



1)    Elephants are super duper poopers! One elephant can poop up to 80 lbs of waste a day! Wowzers!

Ellie is a Super Dooper Pooper!

Elephant Poo!


Yep! We’re sitting on fake poop!

Guess your weight in poop!

2)    Caterpillars throw poop to ward of predators! Yuck!


3)    Poop makes great fertilizer! People have used it for thousands of years to help them grow their crops!

Poop helps crops grow!

4)    Sloths only poop once a week! What????

Sloths are fascinating!

Check out this cutie!

5)    Poop trivia steals the show!

It’s true!

6)    Tree seeds are dispersed through animal poop!

Cool! Animal poop makes new trees!

This Box Turtle dispenses seeds in it’s poop! They especially love berries!


7)    Poop is a great way to mark your territory!

Spread your poop- mark your territory!

8)    Scientist use poop to learn about animal’s lives!

Scientist tract scat to learn about animals!

9)    Yes Edmond, there is fossilized dinosaur poop!

Dinosaur fossilized poop!

Edmond is touching real poop!

10) You can make paper out of poop! Who knew?

Cute paper products made from poop!


We’ve just hit the highlights of this fun and sometimes gross exhibit! There is so much more to see and do! You can meet live animals during encounters; pretend you’re a dung beetle and learn how to track scat (that’s another word for poop). If you ask us, learning about poop is a great way to spend a day!

Dino poop!

We met a Blue Tongue Skink named Sydney!











Hanging with our pal Giggy! Don’t worry he’s super nice!

Fernbank is also starting their 97 days of play this weekend! They have all kinds of fun stuff planned throughout the summer including Reptile Day (a personal favorite of ours), Claws and Paws Weekend and the Scoop on Dinosaurs event! Check out their website for all the fantastic details!

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2 thoughts on “We Get the Scoop on Poop!

  1. This is way cool! An elephant poops as much as I weigh each day. The sloths, now I saw on a TV show that they climb down from trees to poop on the ground and it’s a dangerous time for them. So is that why they only do it once a week, or is it because it takes them so long to get down there?

    • It is probably both. They move so slow that it is definitely beneficial for them to go to the ground to once a week! Plus the poop smell would give predators like jaguars a signal to where they are!

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