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We had a special opportunity to spend the night at Zoo Atlanta in their new reptile house Scaly Slimy Spectacular! This great new space open today! If you’re in the Atlanta, Zoo Atlanta needs to be top on your list of places to visit! We’re giving you our top ten reasons to check out Scaly Slimy Spectacular!



  1. There are cool reptile and amphibian benches! Seriously- we love a good spot to rest and take in the views!IMG_0899
  2. Speaking of views, this is one amazing one! This dome is 45 ft tall and is covered in white squares to protect feathery friends from flying into it!IMG_0946
  3. An education supervisor made this beautiful sign as you enter the building! Wowee!IMG_0904
  4. There’s a whole room dedicated to Georgia animals called Georgia Extremes!IMG_0889
  5. Sleepy Caiman Lizard- ssssshhhh!IMG_0921
  6. You might find someone has lost their scales! IMG_0944
  7. Biofacts! Have you ever seen an alligator skull?IMG_0887
  8. Who’s hungry for pancakes after meeting a pancake tortoise? Hehehe!


9.You can learn how to make a difference! Reptiles and amphibians need love too!


10.Mexican Box Turtle! We slept next to his habitat and he’s very quiet! 🙂


Scaly and slimy animals often don’t get the same respect and love that their mammal and bird friends do! But we think they are great! Come explore this state of the art exhibit with 67 habitats and 100 different species of reptiles and amphibians to enjoy! It is Ssssssssssspectacular!! Learn more about Zoo Atlanta and the Scaly Slimy Spectacular check out the zoo’s website!

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Visiting the Whales!


We visited one of our most favorite places in Atlanta- Fernbank Museum of Natural History to check out the new exhibit Whales- Giants of the Deep! We’re giving you the top 10 reasons to go see this amazing exhibit!!

whales11   whales1

1. You can learn about the whale family! That is one big reunion!


2. You can see one of the first ancestors of whales! They walked on land by the way!


3.There are whales floating from the ceiling (another whale ancestor).


4. There are sharp teeth- really, really sharp!


5. Dolphins have monkey lips! Whaaaaaaa???


6. You can learn how whales eat! Who knew they scooped food off the bottom of the ocean!


7. You can ride the SS Fernbank!


8. You can touch a whale’s vertebrae!


9. You can see a REAL Sperm Whale Skeleton and it is HUGE!!!




If you are in the Atlanta area make sure to put Fernbank’s new exhibit on your to do list! We only showed you a few of the many amazing things to discover in the super outstanding exhibit! There may even be a whale heart to climb…

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We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this week to catch a preview of their new plant sculpture exhibit Imaginary Worlds! It is Amazing! This exhibit traveled all the way from Montreal, Canada to wow us here in Atlanta. We’re giving you 10 reasons (and there are more) to check out these live works of art!

It was snowing blooms!

It was snowing blooms!


There’s an Ogre! (Don’t worry he’s friendly.)

            This friendly giant is colorful, whimsical and you can explore all around his funny face. During the exhibit this guy and all the sculptures will get regular pruning and trims.




You can go right trough him!

You can go right trough him!

Making our ogre faces!

Making our ogre faces!

COBRAS!!! (Not to worry, they aren’t the spitting variety.)

            These two towering cobras look fierce but they aren’t. These rising reptiles required cranes to get them this good looking. Look for the papyrus plants near this pair!

Check out this cobras "scales"! Gorgeous!

Check out this cobras “scales”! Gorgeous!

You guys ok up there?

You guys ok up there?

Fishy Friends!

            This pair of fish joyfully have water spouting out of their mouths as they spin around and around. The cool part is they turn so that each plant on the fish gets equal sunlight!

Fishy fountain!

Fishy fountain!


BUNNIES!! (We just have to yell that!)

            There are adorable little bunnies hoping all over the gardens. You don’t have to feed this species just water them.

Isn't he adorable?

Isn’t he adorable?


There are Giant Strawberries!

            We were hoping they would let us take a nibble, but sadly no. These large sculptures are located in the edibles garden where they have blueberries, pomegranates and asparagus. This place is an herbivore’s dream!




Learn How to Make Large Plant Sculptures Yourself (Ok- not really)

            You can learn how The International Mosaiculture of Montreal makes these super sculptures though and it is a huge job. It took 15 refrigerated trucks and 140,000 plants to get the exhibit to Atlanta.  

This is how the sculptures look without the plants!

This is how the sculptures look without the plants!


Frog fountains!

            To celebrate the work the Atlanta Botanical Gardens does with amphibian conservation, they have frog fountains!  The gardens are also entering a masioculture competition at the Montreal Botanical Gardens this summer with four more frogs!


We like his outfit!



            They have two large butterflies that have lantana on their backs! Lantana is great to grow in your own garden to attract regular sized butterflies!

Check out this butterflies proboscis (the tongue)!

Check out this butterflies proboscis (the tongue)!


Edmond found a Unicorn!!

            Edmond found a unicorn eating grass in the garden! Oh how he wants to be a unicorn! Who doesn’t love unicorns?

Edmond wants a magical horn!

Edmond wants a magical horn!


There’s a Goddess!

            This lovely lady looks over the Cascades Gardens. She is HUGE too! She is 25 feet tall and weighs around 29 tons! It took 40,000 plants just to get her to this look like this! And Ellie thought it took a lot to make her beautiful!

Gorgeous Earth Goddess!

Gorgeous Earth Goddess!



We really enjoyed this extraordinary exhibit and the beautiful gardens! There are more sculptures to be found as you make your way through the grounds. These amazing sculptures have a soilless mixture for the plants to grow in and the large structures have their own irrigation systems. Wow!

Grab the kids, your camera and your sense of wonder and head to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to be immersed in a magical world! The exhibit opens today and runs through October! Check out the Atlanta Botanical Gardens website for tickets and information!

Beautiful Purple Flower!

Beautiful Purple Flower!


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Meet Mark, A Frog Conservationist!

 Meet Mark, A Frog Conservationist!

            We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to meet with Mark Mandica, Amphibian Conservation Coordinator and learn about the gardens fantastic frog conservation program. We were in for a big treat as we had no idea how extensive this program is!

            Mark took us on a tour of behind the scenes and around the grounds to see all the fabulous frogs! So let’ take you on this hopping good adventure.

            We started out with the frog exhibits. These medium to large sized tanks have several species of frogs and numerous individuals. These exhibits were our first introduction to frogs’ amazing ability to camouflage and hide, even the brightly colored ones.

Rain Frog!

Rain Frog!

Rocket Frog!

Rocket Frog!

Can you spot the frog?

Can you spot the frog?

Luckily, Mark knew where to look and helped us locate them. The gardens have many species, including poison dart frogs, glass frogs and leafy frogs.  

Dyeing Dart Frog

Dyeing Dart Frog

Golden Poison Frog- The World's Most Toxic Frog

Golden Poison Frog- The World’s Most Toxic Frog

There's no frog here.

There’s no frog here.

Splendid Leaf Frog

Splendid Leaf Frog

Glass frog on a leaf!

Glass frog on a leaf!


Next Mark took us behind the scenes where all the yummy froggy food is kept and where they breed frogs. All frogs are carnivores and insects are one of their favorite prey. The gardens keep worms, crickets and flies to feed the frogs. Yum!

Frog food!

Frog food!

Frog food!

Frog food!


After we checked out the frog food, we entered the breeding room. Whew, it was humid in there! The garden raises frogs for conservation and to send to other facilities, likes zoos and aquariums.  There were frogs getting ready to breed, eggs, tadpoles and baby frogs. We could hardly contain our excitement! Did you know that there are some species of frogs that live as tadpoles for a year?

Splendid Leafy Frog bum!

Splendid Leafy Frog bum!

Hanging on!

Hanging on!

Glass frog chilling on a leaf!

Glass frog chilling on a leaf!

Can you find the frog?

Can you find the frog?

Frog hanging on the glass.

Frog hanging on the glass.

Frog eggs

Frog eggs

Teeny tiny tadpoles

Teeny tiny tadpoles

Poison dart frogs develop their coloration as tadpoles

Poison dart frogs develop their coloration as tadpoles

Baby frog

Baby frog


We then went in to the conservatory where we played spot the frog. The conservatory houses five species of frogs, all of whom you can hear but are hard to spot. Luckily Mark knew where to look. There are also turtles and birds in the conservatory.

Inside the conservatory!

Inside the conservatory!

Looking for frogs!

Looking for frogs!

Phantasmal Poison frog

Phantasmal Poison frog



            After our fantastic tour we sat down to ask Mark some questions.

Us: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Mark: I have been with Atlanta Botanical Gardens for three years and I am the Amphibian Conservation Coordinator. I worked at the University of Miami and in the Everglades with frogs, salamanders and turtles. Frogs that live in puddles are my specialty.

Us: Wow! We bet working in the Everglades was cool. When did you discover your love of frogs? Which species is your favorite?

Mark: I have always loved frogs. I took a frog class at the end of college and that changed my life. The Surinam Toad (Pipa Pipa) is my favorite.


Us: Cool! How many species do you have at Atlanta Botanical Gardens? Do you have any poison dart frogs?

Mark: We have around 300 individual frogs and several dozen species. We have 12 species of poison dart frogs, all from Central and South America. (The poison dart frogs are not fed the flies that make them toxic.)


Us: We had no idea you had so many frogs! Do you have any wild frogs on the grounds?

Mark: We have American Bullfrogs.


Us: Oh, we must go look for the bullfrogs! Glass frogs are one of favorites. What is the purpose of the translucent skin?

Mark: The translucent skin helps them camouflage. The translucent skin does help us take care of them; you can see when they have eaten.


Us: Hehe, see through skin does make it easy! Tell us about the frogPod.

Mark: It houses frogs that the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Zoo Atlanta went to Panama to collect. The frogs were collected to save them from Chytrid Fungus. (The fungus is spreading through frog populations and decimating many species.)


Us: We have been to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens before, but had no idea that your frog conservation program was so extensive. Can you tell us a bit more about what you do?

Mark: People are constantly surprised when they find out we are involved in frog conservation. We offer education programs and classes for toddlers to college students. We even go out to schools and colleges. I designed a program for the Duke University summer program for teens.


Us: Wow! We might need to sign up for one of those frog classes! Do you travel to help take care of or introduce frogs?

Mark: We do help with native frogs up and down the east coast. We are also part of a head start program with Gopher Frogs. We breed them here then release the little frogs in South Georgia. Gopher frogs live with gopher tortoises in the burrows that the tortoises dig. We use a scope with a camera to find the frogs and tortoises. The burrows can be 20 feet deep. (You can learn more about this program here.)


Us: That is great work! Gopher tortoises are one of our favorites. We call them the apartment builders of the wild. We had no idea there were gopher frogs! How can people help frogs?

Mark: Letting your vegetation grow out and not using chemicals on your lawn is a good start. If you have wetlands or water, try to maintain them and keep them clean. You can add a water feature, but make sure you keep it chemical and fish free. (The fish will eat frogs-except bullfrogs.)


Us: Excellent! Thank you so much for sitting down with us and taking us on a wonderful tour! We were so excited to learn all about the frog conservation program! If you just love frogs you can learn more about the Atlanta Botanical Gardens amphibian conservation program on their website! If you’re in Atlanta make sure to check out this wonderful place!

We stopped to check out the tulips!

We stopped to check out the tulips!

We stopped to read a book!

We stopped to read a book!

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            We went to the Center for Puppetry Arts to check out their new show “Brer Rabbit and Friends”. To describe it in one word- FANTASTIC!! This show is a collection of stories that were gathered by local Atlanta writer Joel Chandler Harris. He gathered folk tales from African American slaves in the 1800’s and reproduced them in the Atlanta newspaper and then in books.


            We love folk tales that use animals to tell stories and the center’s interpretation of these old stories is fresh and fun! There are live performers who play themselves and the four characters; Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, Brer Fox and Sister Mud Turtle. These great performers also play live music throughout the show.

            The set is a country house in the woods and the performers start out with a great song! The narrator then sits at the piano and takes us through the tales, including one about how smart Sister Mud Turtle is and one about a laughing contest! Brer Rabbit is always outsmarting the mischievous team of Brer Fox and Brer Bear.

Sister Mud Turtle showing how Brer Bear who's smarter.

Sister Mud Turtle showing how Brer Bear who’s smarter.

            We sat in a full house and everyone, parents and kids were laughing and singing. Of course, Edmond cannot resist the good music and he too was tapping his hooves throughout and Ellie was swinging her trunk too. We don’t want to give away too much of the plot because the stories are so funny when you don’t know the plot twists!



Tapping along to the music!

Tapping along to the music!


We always enjoy the shows at the Puppetry Arts center, but “Brer Rabbit and Friends” is probably our most favorite yet! The music was great, the performers outstanding and the stories fun! It is so great to see the passing down of stories that have been told for years and years. We highly encourage you to hop down to the briar patch at the Center for Puppetry Arts and see “Brer Rabbit and Friends”! And if you don’t live in Atlanta, pick up a copy of Joel Chandler Harris’ stories and share them with a kid in your life! For more information on show times and ticket, check out the Center’s website.

You can make your own Brer Bear take home puppet like this one!

You can make your own Brer Bear take home puppet like this one!



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The Dunwoody Nature Center just north of Atlanta had a Butterfly Festival recently and of course we had to go! Our good pals Trevor and Ayden came with their parents, so it was a party for everyone!


Butterfly Festival here we come!


We had a lovely time exploring this neat little nature center and all the festivities they had throughout the day! First up we saw a Birds of a Prey show presented by Nature’s Echo.

We’re getting ready to meet some birds of prey!

The ladies from Nature’s Echo had 3 birds with them; a Mississippi Kite, a Screech Owl and a Red Tailed Hawk. These amazing birds were so cool to see up close and we learned some super neat facts about them!

  • A Mississippi Kite’s eyesight is so keen they can see every wing beat of a hummingbird’s wing.
  • Owls have 14 vertebrates in their necks.
  • It is illegal to own a raptor feather in the state of Georgia.
  • An owl’s ears are off set on their head.

Mississippi Kite having a snack!


Mississippi Kite- gorgeous!











Screech Owl! They are really small!







Edmond & Trevor meet the kite!







We met a red tailed hawk!










Check out this talon! Wow!

They had a wing you could touch and feel!



Wow! Raptors have some super cool adaptations! We really enjoyed meeting these gorgeous birds!







After the birds of prey show we wandered around the nature center’s grounds to check out the fun activities and vendors! You could make crafts, enjoy treats or get a bug tattoo! We wanted a tattoo but we couldn’t decide where to put them.

This butterfly is made of bottle caps! Reusing items to make art is awesome!

We ran into this wonderful bear in his National Park outfit!

Handsome bear!


It finally was time to enter the butterfly tent and man, were we excited! We could hardly contain ourselves! Luckily we learned some fun butterfly facts as we waited in line!

Butterfly facts!

More fun facts!









We finally made it in the tent & there were butterflies everywhere! They were all different sizes, shapes and colors! We just loved meeting each one of them!

Butterfly sits on a feeder!


Black & yellow butterfly!











Can you spot the butterfly?


See the tiny butterfly above us?

Trevor & his mom helped us find this lovely butterfly umbrella!













One last gorgeous butterfly shot!










Our last stop of the day was inside the nature where we met some local beekeepers and sampled their honey! Yum! We could see the inside of the hive and we spotted the queen thanks to one observant boy who found her! Did you know that they queen has a yellow spot on her back? Cool!



Honey samples! Delicious!











We had the best time at The Dunwoody Nature Center’s Butterfly Festival! If you’re in Atlanta you should check out this special nature center and all their fun activities!


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Joey the Horse!!

Joey the Horse!

We had a chance to meet the star of the play “War Horse” and this star is very special! Joey is a horse sized horse puppet who stars in the play about his service during World War I and his young owner who goes on an adventure to bring him home.

Joey and Caption Nichols

Joey and his head puppeteer









Broadway Atlanta had a special meet and great with Joey, his puppeteers and one of the actors from the play at the Center for Puppetry Arts (one of our favorites).  From the minute Joey walked on stage, we forgot that he was puppet. His ears moved like a horse, his tail moved like a horse and he even breathed like a horse! Edmond was very impressed.  As the actor who plays Caption Nichols talked about Joey, the horse responded to him, even getting upset when he walked up to him face to face.

Joey was made in South Africa and has 3 puppeteers who operate him, two inside the puppet and one at the head. The puppet itself weighs around 100 lbs. The puppeteers must move together and act as one horse! These guys make an excellent horse!










After we were mesmerized by Joey, the 3 puppeteers came out on stage to tell us more about their special job making Joey come alive!

The puppeteers!


Edmond loved hearing the puppeteers talk about being a horse!











“War Horse” is coming to Atlanta at the Fox Theater, Sept. 25th– Sept 30th.  You can check out the Fox Theater’s website for tickets. We are definitely going to see it, but will have to bring tissues for Edmond :)! This show is recommended for ages 10 and up. Thank goodness we are just old enough.  And for those of you, who are too, go check it out! It is sure to be an amazing adventure!


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Aesop’s Fables Puppet Style!

Aesop’s Fables Rocks!

We went on Friday to catch the new show at the Center for Puppetry Arts, “The Tortoise, The Hare and Other Aesop’s Fables”. This fabulous puppet show aimed at entertaining the little ones, sure does the trick! You sit down and are immediately drawn into a carnival atmosphere with colorful paintings of some of the most famous fables around! Then the lights go down and here comes Cutie and Patootie, our storytellers for the show! These two ladies sing and dance and tell the fables with all kinds of puppetry and audience participation. That’s right folks we were able to sing and dance along with Cutie and Patootie!

The show tells five fables, including The Mouse and the Lion, Country Mouse/City Mouse and the Fox and The Crane.  Each fable is told through different music and types of puppetry. County Mouse/City Mouse was told using shadow puppets. The country mouse goes to see her city cousin and along the way she meets all kinds of animals, including a horse! The best part of this fable was singing along like a horse! Edmond just loved it!

The Fox and the Crane included a giant crane puppet that looked like it was 10 feet tall! It probably was our most favorite puppet in the whole show! The Mouse and Lion had some excellent dancing and of course we were tapping our toes through the whole number!

We don’t want to give away any more of the show, so that you will be surprised! We really enjoyed ourselves! The music, costumes and puppets make for an interactive and fun show that everyone will enjoy! “The Tortoise, The Hare and Other Aesop’s Fables”, opens Aug 2nd and runs til Sept 7th. For more information about tickets and times check out the Center for Puppetry Arts website!  Grab your dancing shoes and get down to the Center as fast you can!

After you see the show, you can make your own mouse puppet! Look how cute he is!


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We Meet Sheep!

Working Sheep!

We recently went to a Chastain Park to visit a herd of sheep and goats! What were these goat and sheep doing in our local park? Well, they were there to eat and eat and eat! The herd of sheep is part of a program sponsored by Trees Atlanta to help clear local parks and areas of overgrowth and invasive plants. Chastain Park in particular had a problem with kudzu! That’s where the herd of 100 sheep and goats get to work! They spent several weeks eating the around 2 acres of kudzu, pretty easy to do when you’re a sheep that can eat up to 150 square feet of kudzu a day!

Here’s a map of the area where the sheep “worked” 🙂

The herd was hired from EWE-niversally Green! That’s right folks there are companies where you can hire sheep to eat your plants! Cool, huh?

The sheep and goats have move to A. D. Williams Park to chomp away more invasive plants! Yum! Check out the Trees Atlanta website for when and where you can visit the sheep herd again!

Check out our photos from our breakfast with sheep!

Goats & sheep of all colors!

Such cuties!










We learned all about Trees Atlanta!

Have ewe heard?












Sheep enjoying some browse! We love browse too!


This little lamb was just too adorable!

This little guy is named Brownie!












Here we are with Brownie in the back!

Who needs more cowbell?

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We Get the Scoop on Poop!

Scoop on the Poop!

That’s right folks you read the headline right, we’re talking poop today! We took a field trip one of our most favorite places, Fernbank Museum of Natural History. We went to check out their new exhibit “Scoop on the Poop” that opens Saturday May 26th.  We had such fun learning all kinds of fun poop facts! We giggled, we cringed and we were amazed! Be prepared to the same with 10 Great Moments in Poop!



1)    Elephants are super duper poopers! One elephant can poop up to 80 lbs of waste a day! Wowzers!

Ellie is a Super Dooper Pooper!

Elephant Poo!


Yep! We’re sitting on fake poop!

Guess your weight in poop!

2)    Caterpillars throw poop to ward of predators! Yuck!


3)    Poop makes great fertilizer! People have used it for thousands of years to help them grow their crops!

Poop helps crops grow!

4)    Sloths only poop once a week! What????

Sloths are fascinating!

Check out this cutie!

5)    Poop trivia steals the show!

It’s true!

6)    Tree seeds are dispersed through animal poop!

Cool! Animal poop makes new trees!

This Box Turtle dispenses seeds in it’s poop! They especially love berries!


7)    Poop is a great way to mark your territory!

Spread your poop- mark your territory!

8)    Scientist use poop to learn about animal’s lives!

Scientist tract scat to learn about animals!

9)    Yes Edmond, there is fossilized dinosaur poop!

Dinosaur fossilized poop!

Edmond is touching real poop!

10) You can make paper out of poop! Who knew?

Cute paper products made from poop!


We’ve just hit the highlights of this fun and sometimes gross exhibit! There is so much more to see and do! You can meet live animals during encounters; pretend you’re a dung beetle and learn how to track scat (that’s another word for poop). If you ask us, learning about poop is a great way to spend a day!

Dino poop!

We met a Blue Tongue Skink named Sydney!











Hanging with our pal Giggy! Don’t worry he’s super nice!

Fernbank is also starting their 97 days of play this weekend! They have all kinds of fun stuff planned throughout the summer including Reptile Day (a personal favorite of ours), Claws and Paws Weekend and the Scoop on Dinosaurs event! Check out their website for all the fantastic details!

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