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Bees, Bugs & Butterflies

Bees, Bugs & Butterflies


We are so excited for week 3 of Camp E & E! We’re meeting insects and the like this week! But first, we are taking the campers to garden here at camp to get our hands dirty! We’ll be planting a bee and butterfly garden. So get your pots, soil and garden tools out! We’re helping the bees!


Tips for planting a Bee Friendly Garden:

  • Plant native flowers and herbs to your area. Some good choices are: sunflowers, lavender (which keeps mosquitoes away), basil, blueberries, blackberries, black eyed susans, peonies, bachelor buttons, tulips, goldenrod and honeysuckle.
  • Plant the same flowers in one group or row.
  • Try to pick plants that bloom more than once in a season.
  • Fill a shallow dish with rocks and fresh water for the bees to drink!
  • Make sure to not use any pesticides and herbicides in your garden. They are toxic to bees.
  • Leave the weeds! Clover, dandelions and milkweed are all important to bees and butterflies! Weeds are friends!



Bees are essential for the survival of all living things! Without bees to pollinate food and crops, we will all be in big trouble! Unfortunately our bee friend populations are in steep decline. So let’s give them a chance and some great habitats! And if you have deer or rabbits that nibble your garden, that’s ok too!


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We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this week to catch a preview of their new plant sculpture exhibit Imaginary Worlds! It is Amazing! This exhibit traveled all the way from Montreal, Canada to wow us here in Atlanta. We’re giving you 10 reasons (and there are more) to check out these live works of art!

It was snowing blooms!

It was snowing blooms!


There’s an Ogre! (Don’t worry he’s friendly.)

            This friendly giant is colorful, whimsical and you can explore all around his funny face. During the exhibit this guy and all the sculptures will get regular pruning and trims.




You can go right trough him!

You can go right trough him!

Making our ogre faces!

Making our ogre faces!

COBRAS!!! (Not to worry, they aren’t the spitting variety.)

            These two towering cobras look fierce but they aren’t. These rising reptiles required cranes to get them this good looking. Look for the papyrus plants near this pair!

Check out this cobras "scales"! Gorgeous!

Check out this cobras “scales”! Gorgeous!

You guys ok up there?

You guys ok up there?

Fishy Friends!

            This pair of fish joyfully have water spouting out of their mouths as they spin around and around. The cool part is they turn so that each plant on the fish gets equal sunlight!

Fishy fountain!

Fishy fountain!


BUNNIES!! (We just have to yell that!)

            There are adorable little bunnies hoping all over the gardens. You don’t have to feed this species just water them.

Isn't he adorable?

Isn’t he adorable?


There are Giant Strawberries!

            We were hoping they would let us take a nibble, but sadly no. These large sculptures are located in the edibles garden where they have blueberries, pomegranates and asparagus. This place is an herbivore’s dream!




Learn How to Make Large Plant Sculptures Yourself (Ok- not really)

            You can learn how The International Mosaiculture of Montreal makes these super sculptures though and it is a huge job. It took 15 refrigerated trucks and 140,000 plants to get the exhibit to Atlanta.  

This is how the sculptures look without the plants!

This is how the sculptures look without the plants!


Frog fountains!

            To celebrate the work the Atlanta Botanical Gardens does with amphibian conservation, they have frog fountains!  The gardens are also entering a masioculture competition at the Montreal Botanical Gardens this summer with four more frogs!


We like his outfit!



            They have two large butterflies that have lantana on their backs! Lantana is great to grow in your own garden to attract regular sized butterflies!

Check out this butterflies proboscis (the tongue)!

Check out this butterflies proboscis (the tongue)!


Edmond found a Unicorn!!

            Edmond found a unicorn eating grass in the garden! Oh how he wants to be a unicorn! Who doesn’t love unicorns?

Edmond wants a magical horn!

Edmond wants a magical horn!


There’s a Goddess!

            This lovely lady looks over the Cascades Gardens. She is HUGE too! She is 25 feet tall and weighs around 29 tons! It took 40,000 plants just to get her to this look like this! And Ellie thought it took a lot to make her beautiful!

Gorgeous Earth Goddess!

Gorgeous Earth Goddess!



We really enjoyed this extraordinary exhibit and the beautiful gardens! There are more sculptures to be found as you make your way through the grounds. These amazing sculptures have a soilless mixture for the plants to grow in and the large structures have their own irrigation systems. Wow!

Grab the kids, your camera and your sense of wonder and head to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to be immersed in a magical world! The exhibit opens today and runs through October! Check out the Atlanta Botanical Gardens website for tickets and information!

Beautiful Purple Flower!

Beautiful Purple Flower!


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It’s spring and that means nature comes to life with explosions of color! We wanted to go on an adventure to our local Pike Nursery to find some! We had such a good time being silly and finding all the beautiful plants you can plant in your garden! Hopefully this photo journal of our adventure will inspire you to get some of these for your garden!

PINK Gerber Daisies!


YELLOW! Double Lemon Calibrachoa!

Ellie loves the purple petunias!

Edmond loves the Shasta Daisy!


We decided to chill on a bench!

PURPLE Ageratum!

Ellie loves hiding in these purple raspberry plants!

YELLOW! Osteospermums!

Osteospermums in Gray & White!

Edmond loves feeling like he's in the jungle!

Pink & Purple Fuschsia!

We love the mixture of colors here!

We found this lovely tree to sit under!! Aaaaaahhh....

After sitting under a tree- we found one to climb! So fun!

We had such a fun time at Pike Nursery! Everyone was so nice! They have so many more plants than what we found too! So get out in to your garden and see what spring color you can include!

Check out the Pike Nursery website for locations and tips!


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