We had a special opportunity to spend the night at Zoo Atlanta in their new reptile house Scaly Slimy Spectacular! This great new space open today! If you’re in the Atlanta, Zoo Atlanta needs to be top on your list of places to visit! We’re giving you our top ten reasons to check out Scaly Slimy Spectacular!



  1. There are cool reptile and amphibian benches! Seriously- we love a good spot to rest and take in the views!IMG_0899
  2. Speaking of views, this is one amazing one! This dome is 45 ft tall and is covered in white squares to protect feathery friends from flying into it!IMG_0946
  3. An education supervisor made this beautiful sign as you enter the building! Wowee!IMG_0904
  4. There’s a whole room dedicated to Georgia animals called Georgia Extremes!IMG_0889
  5. Sleepy Caiman Lizard- ssssshhhh!IMG_0921
  6. You might find someone has lost their scales! IMG_0944
  7. Biofacts! Have you ever seen an alligator skull?IMG_0887
  8. Who’s hungry for pancakes after meeting a pancake tortoise? Hehehe!


9.You can learn how to make a difference! Reptiles and amphibians need love too!


10.Mexican Box Turtle! We slept next to his habitat and he’s very quiet! 🙂


Scaly and slimy animals often don’t get the same respect and love that their mammal and bird friends do! But we think they are great! Come explore this state of the art exhibit with 67 habitats and 100 different species of reptiles and amphibians to enjoy! It is Ssssssssssspectacular!! Learn more about Zoo Atlanta and the Scaly Slimy Spectacular check out the zoo’s website!

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One thought on “REPTILES ARE HERE!!

  1. Dangrdafne

    First, those are very awesome sleeping bags.
    Second, I may not love snakes but they are cool as are all the animals you showed in this post. It is a shame reptiles don’t get the same coverage as mammals but they are lucky to have you support them and teach us about them.
    Lastly, when we come visit you we definitely need to go to Zoo Atlanta!

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