Home, Home on the Prairie!

Home, Home on the Prairie!

prairie dog

We’re so excited to have found these little rodents on the plains of North America. They have such gregarious personalities and are so fun to observe! Let’s all meet the prairie dog!

Range/Habitat: North America/ prairie

Juxtaposer Image(5)






 Diet: Herbivore: seeds, plants

 Length/Weight:  12-15 inches/ 2-4 lbs

 Conservation Status: lease concern

prairie dog2

Fun Facts:

  • Prairie dogs are burrowers.  IMG_1017
  • They live in family groups.
  • Prairie dogs are diurnal.
  • They are highly social and have complex communication systems.
  • They greet each other with kisses and nuzzles.
  • Prairie dogs are member of the squirrel family.
  • Prairie dog burrows are extremely important to prairie. They share these burrows with owls, salamanders and black footed ferrets.


prairie dog3

These rodents have one our hearts! Their chirps and kisses just can’t be beat! Who else is with us? Enjoy our coloring sheet too- there’s a new sheriff in this Prairie Dog Town!









Answer: True!






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2 thoughts on “Home, Home on the Prairie!

  1. Strangest dogs I ever saw….. I also give kisses and snuggles, though so maybe…..

    Love and licks,

  2. Dangrdafne

    Sooo sweet. That kissy photo is so cute. I’m so happy you did a post just on these cuties.

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