We’re off to Southeast Asia to find a little fish with amazing archery skills! Don’t worry they don’t have a crossbow and arrow, they spit water! Grab your wellies and let’s head out to meet today’s Olympic worthy animal!


   Range/Habitat: Indo-Pacific/ brackish waters & freshwater habitats

   Diet: Carnivore: insects

   Length/Weight: up to 16”/ up to 2 ¼ lbs

   Conservation Status: Common




Fun Facts:

  • Archerfish are silver and black.
  • They have excellent eyesight!
  • Archerfish shoot jets of water out of their mouths. They can shoot it up to 5ft away.
  • They shoot insects off of low hanging vegetation and leaves.
  • Archerfish are very accurate.
  • Young archerfish must practice their shooting skills.


Archerfish have amazing skills! Adults rarely miss their targets! We bet these fish could win any Olympic archery competition, fins down!


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