We’re taking the E & E sub down to the bottom of the ocean floor to find a strange and rare member of the shark family! These sharks are harmless to humans, but their skin definitely makes them not snuggly! Come on aboard and let’s go!


   Range/Habitat: Indo-Pacific & W Atlantic/ deep water ocean

   Diet: Carnivore: sharks, fish, rays

   Length/Weight: up to 13 ft/ up t 490 lbs

   Conservation Status: unknown




Fun Facts:

  • Bramble sharks are deep water, bottom dwelling sharks.
  • They are considered rare.
  • Bramble sharks have thorny denticles all over there body.
  • They get their name because the thorny denticles resemble the thorns on bramble bushes.
  • Bramble sharks are a purplish-brown color.
  • Bramble sharks are slow moving.

Wow! These sharks are amazing! We really think they are kind of creepy and cool! The ocean floor has so much for us to explore and see!

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