We’re staying in North America today to meet a bird who is a master at camouflage! They live near rivers and lakes, because that’s where their favorite prey lives. Grab your walking stick, best observation skills and binoculars and let’s go!


   Range/Habitat: North America-Central America/ wetlands, marshes, rivers

   Diet: Carnivore: fish, frogs

   Length/Weight: 23 ½-34”/ 18-32 oz

   Conservation Status: common






Fun Facts:

  • American Bitterns have mottled brown feathers that are perfect at helping them camouflage in their habitat.
  • They are members of the heron family.
  • American Bitterns use their dagger like bills to catch their prey.
  • They are solitary.
  • American Bitterns point their bills in the air and sway with the grass to avoid being detected by predators.
  • They have a loud booming call that sounds like a drum.

These small members of the heron family sure are neat! We love their funny call! Now all we need is a washboard and a banjo playing bird and we could have one awesome marsh bird band! Hahaha!




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