We docked the boat from our trip off the coast of South America and jumped on a plane to the northern part of the continent. We’re going on the wetlands to find one cool reptile. Grab your hats and let’s go!


   Range/Habitat: Northern South America/rainforest-wetlands

   Diet: Carnivore: snails, crabs

   Length: 3- 3 ½ ft

   Conservation Status: not listed




Fun Facts:

  • Caiman lizards have large cone shaped scales on their backs and tails.
  • Male Caiman lizards have green bodies and orange throats and females have gray throats.
  • Caiman lizards have strong jaws for crushing snail shells.
  • They are excellent swimmers.
  • Caiman lizards spend most of their time in or near water.

Caiman lizards are so colorful and cool! They look like little dinosaurs, well if they had feathers they would! If you could color a lizard any color, what colors would you use?



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One thought on “REPTILIAN TUESDAY # 47

  1. Ooh! A natural redhead!

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