We are so happy to be back on dry land today! We’re going to the Wild West of North America to meet a handsome ungulate. Let’s grab our hiking gear and walking sticks and set out on today’s adventure!


   Range/Habitat: West North America/ mountains, forests, grasslands

   Diet: Herbivore: plants

   Length/Weight: 2 ¾-7 ft/ 120- 460 ft

   Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  • Mule deer are gray-brown in winter and rusty brown in the summer.
  • Male mule deer have antlers that they shed once a year.
  • Mule deer have black tips on their tales.
  • They are also called the Black Tailed Deer.
  • They have very large ears.
  • Mule deer are related to White tailed deer.

We just love Mule deer! They are majestic looking, especially the males with their large antlers! Do you love deer? What’s your favorite species?




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