Today we’re going to Southwest America today to meet a teeny tiny mammal! So grab your gear and let’s head out to make a new friend!


   Range/Habitat: Southwest United States-North South America/ mountains,


    Diet: Omnivore: grub, plants

    Length/Weight: 5-8”/ 3 5/8- 8 oz

    Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Hispid Cotton Rats are active day and night
  • They have stiff, coarse fur.
  • Hispid Cotton Rats are solitary.
  • They dig burrows.
  • Hispid Cotton Rats make nests of grass and plants.
  • They are excellent swimmers.

Hispid cotton rats are adorable little members of the rodent family. What do you think? Are you a rodent fan?









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One thought on “MAMMAL MONDAY # 53

  1. He looks like a gerbil!

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