Giant Screen!

Giant Screen!

We had the privilege to catch a sneak preview of “Flight of the Butterflies” IMAX at Fernbank Museum of Natural History on Friday! Edmond was beyond excited because butterflies are his favorite!

Here we are getting ready to watch the movie!

Here we are getting ready to watch the movie!

This wonderful movie tells the story of Fred Urquhart, a scientist who worked for decades to discover the mystery of Monarch Butterflies and their migration.  Fred and his wife Norah gathered a network of citizen scientist in the 1960s and 70s. They tagged and tracked butterflies from Canada to all over the United States and eventually to their migration home in Mexico.

The movie not only tells Fred Urquhart’s story, but it follows three generations of monarch butterflies in a year’s time. It is that third generation of butterfly that will make the journey from Canada to Mexico in one of nature’s longest migrations.  Monarchs are just amazing!

Check out some of the fun facts we learned:

  • Monarch Butterflies love milkweed, it is the only plant they’ll lay their eggs on.
  • One female Monarch butterfly lays around 300 eggs.
  • Monarch butterflies can fly up to one mile high.

These fun facts are just a few things we learned watching “Flight of the Butterflies”. This amazing story is told with beautiful visuals and of course a giant IMAX screen full of Monarch Butterflies is the icing on the cake! We highly recommend you take a trip over to Fernbank Museum of Natural History to check out this great movie! You can also learn more about monarch butterflies on the movie’s website!

We made our own Monarch Butterflies!

We made our own Monarch Butterflies!

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