We’re off to the rainforests of East Africa on this first Reptilian Tuesday of 2013.  We’ll be heading towards the canopy of the rainforest! Keep your eyes peeled, because we’ll need to observe today’s reptile from a distance!

e & e rainforest2


east african green mamba   Range/Habitat: Eastern-Southeastern Africa/ forests-rainforests

   Diet: Carnivore: rodents, birds

   Length: 5-8 ½ ft

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • East African Green Mambas are bright green.
  • They have long bodies and tails.
  • East African green mambas are arboreal (spend most of their time in trees).
  • They are fast moving and agile among the branches.
  • East African green mambas are highly venomous.
  • They have smooth scales.

East African green mambas are gorgeous snakes. They are best when watched from a distance though. Best to leave venomous snakes alone in their habitats!

east african green mamba2


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