It’s the last day of Penguin Week and we sure have had a blast meeting some of these flightless feathery friends and hope you’ve had fun too. Our last day of adventure takes us back to Antarctica to meet yet another cute penguin species!

e e arctic


adelie penguins   Range/Habitat: Circumpolar Antarctica/ coasts-ice

   Diet: Carnivore: krill, small fishes

   Length/Weight: 18-24”/ 8 ¾-12 lb

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Adelie penguins nest on the mainland of Antarctica.
  • They have blue-black feathers with pure white fronts.
  • Adelie penguins have white rings around the eyes.
  • Adelie penguins breed in colonies of up to 200,000 birds.
  • They build nest with rocks.
  • Adelie penguins have been seen stealing rocks from other penguins to make their nests.


Adelie penguins are so proper looking with their white bellies and sharp looking blue-black feathers. All they need now is a bowtie!

adelie penguins2    adelie penguins3




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10 thoughts on “PENGUIN WEEK DAY # 5

  1. WE think those penguins are so cute. Great post about them. We are so glad to hear more about them. Good to meet you two. This is great fun. Take care.

  2. *waves* hi! I saw your interview on Rumpy’s page and wanted to say hello and follow your blog and oh my goodness penguins are so adorable.. =^..^=

  3. Oh Dog! They have colors like me! I wonder if I am a penguin?

  4. Hey E. and E.! I’m a brand new follower. I saw you at RumpyDog. You sound like fun! Plus I love stuffed animals. I hope it is politically correct to call you that! 🙂

    Love and licks,

  5. Hi Ellie and Edmond, nice to meet you! I just read about you two on Rumpy’s blog and thought that your blog sounded awesome! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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