It’s that amazing day of the week when we go on an adventure to meet a mammal! We’re packing our bags and heading the Amazonian rainforest to find a small monkey who lives high in trees! Grab your binoculars and let’s head out!

e & e rainforest2


silvery marmoset   Range/Habitat: South America/rainforest

   Diet: Omnivore: fruits, eggs, sap

   Length/Weight: 8-9”/12-13 oz

   Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  • Silvery Marmosets have pale silvery fur.
  • They have black tails.
  • They are arboreal (spend their lives in the trees).
  • Silvery marmosets have pink faces and ears.
  • They live in small family troops.
  • Every member of the silvery marmoset family takes care of the offspring.

These tiny little monkeys are gorgeous with their silvery coats of fur. We just can’t get enough of them!


silvery marmoset2  silvery marmoset3



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One thought on “MAMMAL MONDAY # 58

  1. all i gotta say is beautifulllllll xo

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