We’re going snorkeling to find a different kind of ocean dweller today. It’s not a fish, it’s not a mammal and it’s not coral! So are you ready to meet this mysterious animal? Let’s do this!

e & e snorkeling


violet sea snail   Range/Habitat: Atlantic-Pacific-Indian Oceans/ tropical-subtropical


   Diet: Carnivore: floating cnidarians

   Length: 3 ¼”

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  • Violet Sea Snails live on the oceans’ surface.
  • They are blind.
  • Violet sea snails have bright purple shells.
  • Their shells are very thin.
  • Violet sea snails make a “raft” of bubbles and mucus to stay afloat at the surface.
  • They snail is dark violet or black in color.


We haven’t met a snail so far in our adventures. Who knew they were so brightly colored and amazing? What other crazy creatures have we missed in our oceans?

violet sea snail2

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4 thoughts on “WATERY WEDNESDAY # 58

  1. Those snails are so pretty. They are the same color as my new tutu!! Bubbles and mucus sound like a fun raft!!

    Love and licks,

  2. My oldest daughter loves snails! They are pretty and I love their name. My baby’s name is Violet 🙂

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