We are celebrating the Chinese New Year this week and it’s the Year of the Snake! We know that these infamous reptiles get a bad rap, but we respect and admire these amazing animals. We’ll be meeting a few different species, you’ll get to guess the species and we’re making a sock snake! So let’s get this party started with a trip to Southeast Asia to meet one royal snake!

e & e rainforest


king cobra   Range/Habitat: Southeast Asia/rainforest-grasslands

   Diet: Carnivore: snakes

   Length: 9 ¾-16 ft

   Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  • King Cobras are the longest venomous snake on earth.
  • They have smooth brown scales.
  • King cobras raise the front of their body up when threatened and spread out a hood to look bigger.
  • King cobras are excellent swimmers.
  • They usually live deep in the forest.
  • Both male and female king cobras guard the eggs.

King cobras are quite fierce looking when they stand up in the pose that they are famous for. Luckily they normally do not have much contact with humans, since they like the deep parts of the forests! We respect these predators and we’ll do it from a good distance.

king cobra3

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5 thoughts on “YEAR OF THE SNAKE!

  1. From a distance sounds like a good idea to me!

  2. Once I ate an earthworm. That snake is too big (and too venomous) to eat.

    Love and licks,

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