We had the most exciting afternoon at The Center for Puppetry Arts the other day! We sat down and were transported to a lovely garden scene! That garden turned out to be the home of Bugville and the super hero Mighty Bug!

This fantastic comic book like world was full of amazing characters, including Mighty Bug, Professor Rhinoceros Beetle and the villain Scorpiana! We meet Mighty Bug in the morning as he wakes up and goes on his morning jog. Along the way we meet all kinds of bugs. Not only do we get to meet centipedes, butterflies and bees we learn something fun about each one! Did you know that ants can lift 50x their weight? That would be like a human lifting an elephant! WOW! We’re pretty sure a human couldn’t lift Ellie!

Back in Professor Rhinoceros Beetle’s lab, Mighty Bug and the professor taught us all about the parts of an insect! Did you know insects’ skeleton is on the outside? Pretty cool! As we follow Mighty Bug on his adventures we learned about the different types of habitats bugs live in!

We also meet Mighty Bug’s girlfriend Morpha Butterfly, who sang a fantastic little tune about a butterflies! Edmond was dancing the whole time! Soon though the tale takes a turn for the worse when the villain Scorpiana enacts her evil plan to take over Bugville with her gang!  Whew, the story gets interesting from there! We won’t spoil the ending for you! This fun and fantastic show is not to be missed! They use shadow puppets and human sized ones! It is full of color, laughter and intrigue! Plus you learn throughout the show! What’s better than learning while you have fun? NOTHING!


Grab your running shoes and your enthusiasm and make a trip to The Center for Puppetry Arts to see “The Adventures of Mighty Bug”! Check out the center’s website for tickets and times! Don’t forget to make a lightening bug puppet to take home with you when you are there!


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  1. I love bugs. They’re delicious!

    Love and licks,

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