We sure hope everyone enjoyed the Year of the Snake celebration. We’re back to our regular schedule and it’s off to Central America for us, to meet a member of the rodent family! Can you gopher for that? (Edmond loves puns)

e e grasslands


giant pocket gopher   Range/Habitat: Central-South America/ grasslands

   Diet: Herbivore: roots, grasses, vegetation

   Length/Weight: 4.7-12”/2.2 lbs

   Conservation Status: common





Fun Facts:

  • Giant Pocket Gophers are the largest member of the pocket gopher family.
  • They have large cheek pouches that go from their mouth to their shoulders; these pouches are where they get their name.
  • Giant pocket gophers live in burrows and tunnels.
  • They have long sharp teeth.
  • Giant pocket gophers have large claws for digging.
  • Giant pocket gophers are also called the Mexican pocket gopher.
  • They are solitary.

Giant pocket gophers are funny looking little creatures with their big teeth and small eyes! They work very hard to dig their burrow homes and hoard the food they eat!

giant pocket gopher2   giant pocket gopher3

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