Are you ready for a new adventure today? We’re going to Africa today to meet a small, cute but stinky little mammal! Grab your safari gear and let’s head out!

e & e safari van


african striped weasel   Range/Habitat: Central-South Africa/grasslands

   Diet: Carnivore: mice, rodents

   Length/Weight: 10-14”/8-13 oz

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • African Striped Weasels have long slim bodies.
  • They have long claws for digging.
  • African striped weasels have long white striped down their back and tails.
  • African striped weasels live in burrows.
  • They spray a stinky liquid from glands located on their behinds to defend themselves.


These weasels look like the African version of the skunk! We’ll admire them from a distance in order to not catch a whiff of their defensive spray!

african striped weasel2

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One thought on “MAMMAL MONDAY # 61

  1. Even though I don’t live in Africa, I am about to see something like that weasel in real life! Every time I go snooping under a car or under a shrub, Mom says, “One of these days, you’re going to be surprised by a skunk.” I can’t wait!!

    Love and licks,

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