We’re jetting off to Southeast Asia on this Mammal Monday to meet one high flying mammal! Keep your eyes and ears pealed because these apes like to sing! Are you ready?

e & e rainforest2


crested gibbon2   Range/Habitat: Southeast Asia/ rainforest-mountains

   Diet: Herbivore: fruit, leaves, shoots

   Length/Weight: 18-25”/10-20 lbs

   Conservation Status: critically endangered



Fun Facts:

  • Black crested gibbons are arboreal (spend most of their time in trees).
  • They have long arms to help them swing through the trees.
  • Black crested gibbons live in small family groups.
  • Male black crested gibbons are black with white cheeks and females are tan with black crests on their heads.
  • Black crested gibbons produce songs, as pairs and as individuals.
  • They are lesser apes.

Black crested gibbons are so gorgeous. Do you know what makes them apes and not monkeys? One key feature is that they do not have tails! Neat!

crested gibboncrested gibbon3


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2 thoughts on “MAMMAL MONDAY # 61

  1. Wait! What?? No tails!?? I wonder how people will know they’re happy…..

    Love and licks and tail wags,

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