We’re taking the E & E sub out today to meet a member of the shark family! We have plenty of room for everyone, so come join us on today’s adventure to meet…

e e deep sea


smooth hound shark   Range/Habitat: Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean

   Diet: Carnivore: mollusks, crabs, lobsters

   Length/Weight: up to 5 1/4 ft/ 29 lbs

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Smooth Hound Sharks have short snouts.
  • Smooth hound sharks have smooth skin.
  • They are often seen in schools.
  • Smooth hound sharks are nocturnal.
  • They have flat teeth for crushing their prey.

These small sharks are really cool and their mouths are on the bottom! Did you know that when a shark or ray’s mouth is on the underside it indicates that their prey lives on the bottom of the ocean floor? Pretty cool!

smooth hound shark2   smooth hound shark3




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2 thoughts on “WATERY WEDNESDAY # 62

  1. Sharks are scary. I’m glad I’m not a crab or a lobster. I wish my mouth was on the bottom. Then I could eat stuff I see on the ground.

    Love and licks,

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