Learn About Butterflies Day

Learn About Butterflies Day!

Today is Learn About Butterflies Day and butterflies are Edmond’s favorite! He loves watching for them all spring and summer! Do you have a favorite butterfly species? Edmond loves monarchs because they travel so far! We’re going to celebrate Learn About Butterflies Day with fun facts, photos and a coloring sheet drawn by Ellie! Woohoo!

E & E butterfly


  • Butterflies are insects.
  • They live on all continents but Antarctica.
  • There are around 24,ooo species of butterflies.
  • Butterflies eat nectar.
  • They can not fly if their body temperature is below 85 degrees.
  • Butterflies can see red, green and yellow.
  • Monarch butterflies have one of the longest migrations of any animal on the planet.
  • Skipper butterflies can fly up to 37 miles per hour.
  • Butterflies taste with their feet.
  • The largest butterfly is the Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing.
  • The smallest butterfly is the Blue Pygmy.
  • Butterflies have a unique life cycle! We found this great video explaining it!

butterfly3   butterfly8






butterfly coloring7

butterfly4  butterfly2






butterfly6   e e butterfly







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2 thoughts on “Learn About Butterflies Day

  1. The butterfly post is so beautiful, I hate to say what I’m about to say. Once I ate a butterfly. Mom kinda saw me, but not quite. She said, “Oh no you didn’t!” But oh yes I did….

    Love and licks,

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