It is March’s theme week and we’re spotlighting one of our favorite animals- Bears! We’ll be meeting several of the 8 species of bears, making a bear craft and we’ll have guess the bear! Whew! Are you ready to start this unbearleavablely exciting week? Well then, let’s head out to the Appalachian Mountains of North America to meet..

e e mountains


black bear Range/Habitat: North America-Mexico/ forests, mountains

Diet: Omnivore: berries, grubs, nuts, insects

Length/Weight: 4 ¼-6 ¼ ft/ 120-600 lbs

Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  • Black bears are excellent climbers.
  • They have long claws to help them dig for food and for climbing.
  • They have prehensile lips. Those lips help them grab small food items.
  • Black bears sleep through the winter in the northern ranges. They do not hibernate.
  • Black bear mothers are extremely protective of their cubs.
  • The cubs stay with their mothers for about two years.

Black bears are agile and cute. They are also smart and are known to get in human food and trash. It’s important for people to keep their trash in containers that are bear proof!


black bear2 black bear3



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3 thoughts on “BEAR WEEK DAY #1

  1. I like to eat trash, too! Hmmmmm… Maybe I am part Jack Russell and part bear!

    Love and licks,

  2. @IcyPinkLemonade

    But I want to feed the bears! I don’t want them to go hungry! Maybe they’ll give me a hug as thanks 😀

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