1.    Air drying clay –Brown & Black (we only have brown because our local craft store was out of black)

2.    Sharpie marker

e e bear craft









1. Get a large piece of clay and make into an oval for the bear’s body

e e bear craft2








2. Then roll out to pieces to about a 1 ½” logs for legs & attach to the body.

e e bear craft3








3. Then roll out 1” logs for the arms & attach to the body.

e e bear craft4








4. Roll out a round ball for the head and attach to the body.

e e bear craft6








5. Next roll out balls for ears.

6. Finally if you have black, roll out two small balls for the eyes and a slightly larger one for the nose. If you don’t have it, roll those out of brown and color with the marker.

e e bear craft5






If you want to add paws- you can do so with black clay or draw them on with a marker.

We sure hope you make yourself a bear pal and remember we love to see your artwork- so show us on our Facebook page or Tweet us a picture! (You can buy black & white clay & make a Panda Bear too!)

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6 thoughts on “MARCH CRAFT- BEAR WEEK!!

  1. That’s adorable! Love the idea.

  2. Very sweet idea! Thank you!

  3. @IcyPinkLemonade

    LOVE the bear!!!

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