We are so excited to introduce our new comic series- We Are Fanimaly!

Once a month (or more often if we can) we’ll post a comic showing two animals who are related! Some are quite shocking and some you probably already knew! We just want to increase your knowledge of the amazing animal kingdom and we want you to remember that we are ALL FANIMALY!

First up the only living relative of the tallest animal on earth- the Giraffe!




  • I live in Africa on savannahs.
  • My prehensile tongue is 18-20 inches long.
  • I have seven vertebrates in my neck.
  • I am the tallest land animal on earth.
  • I do not have horns, they are called ossicones.
  • My ossicones are part of my skull.
  • I live in Africa in the forests.
  • My prehensile tongue is 13-15 inches long.
  • I have stripes on my back end and legs.
  • I am very shy.
  • I do not have horns, they are called ossicones.
  • My ossicones are part of my skull.


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6 thoughts on “WE ARE FANIMALY!©

  1. Hey, this is cool! I always wondered if giraffes had close relatives.

  2. IcyPinkLemonade

    Woohoo! Love it! Cute pictures and knowledge!

  3. I love the drawings. Giraffes have purple tongues and they are slimy..

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