We’re leaving Africa and taking a jet plane to Central America to meet a cool reptile that looks like a dinosaur. Grab your passports, backpacks and snacks and let’s gooooooo….

e & e rainforest


green iguana   Range/Habitat: Central-North South America/ rainforests

   Diet: omnivore: insects, flowers, leaves

   Length/Weight: 3 ¼-6 ft/ up to 11 lbs

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Green iguanas are excellent climbers.
  •          They have long legs and claws for climbing.
  •          Green iguanas are the largest lizard in the Americas.
  •          Green iguanas have a crest of pointed scales down their back.
  •          They have long tails to help them balance and defend themselves.
  •          Male green iguanas have large dewlaps under their chins.

We’ve met the Marine Iguana and now we’re meeting the Green iguana! Iguanas are such amazing lizards with their prehistoric scales and long legs!

green iguana2   green iguana3

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