It’s time for that fabulous day of the week when we meet a feathery friend. We’re going to South America to meet a little bird with an extra long bill!

e & e rainforest2


sword billed hummingbird   Range/Habitat: Northwest South America/Andes mountains

   Diet: Omnivore: insects, nectar

   Length/Weight:  6 ½-9”/ 7/16-9/16 oz

   Conservation Status: common 


Fun Facts:

  •          Sword billed hummingbirds have long bills, up to 4 ½”.
  •          Their bills are longer than their bodies.
  •          Sword billed hummingbirds have dark green bodies.
  •          Sword billed hummingbirds hold their bill vertically when at rest.

These tiny little hummingbirds are crazy looking with their looooooong beaks. Those little beaks must help them get to the good nectar.

sword billed hummingbird2   sword billed hummingbird3



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One thought on “FEATHERY FRIDAY # 69

  1. I wish I had that long bill. I could use it to get my toys when they go under the couch!

    Love and licks,

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