We’re going to New Zealand today to meet a native marine mammal. We love pinnipeds and these guys are no exception! Grab your passport and your bags and let’s goooooo…

e & e coast


new zealand sea lion   Range/Habitat: New Zealand-surrounding islands/ coasts, oceans

   Diet: Carnivore: fish, squid

   Length/Weight: 5 ¾-11 ft/ 200-1,000 lbs

   Conservation Status: vulnerable


Fun Facts:

  •          New Zealand Sea Lions are also known as the Hooker’s Sea Lion.
  •          They are the rarest sea lion on earth.
  •          New Zealand sea lions have blunt noses.
  •          Male New Zealand sea lions are dark and the females are light gray.
  •          They are pretty agile on land.
  •          New Zealand sea lions have external ears.

These regal looking sea lions are protected in their homeland and there are conservation efforts being made to make sure they will be around for a very long time!

new zealand sea lion2    new zealand sea lion3

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