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It’s World Environment Day and we’re celebrating with your help! We kept racking our little elephant and horse brains on the best way to celebrate our planet and its many diverse habitats. We thought we might give you tips on how to preserve, protect and nourish our wonderful home, but we came up with a better plan!


That’s right, we want you to tell us what you do to help the natural environment! We want to hear what you do on a daily basis to make a difference for our planet and we’re going to take your tips and tricks and make a photo essay to share with everyone! Tell us what you do everyday, like using reusable bags, recycling, reusing items! So let’s get to it and help us celebrate World Environment Day!

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2 thoughts on “WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY!!!

  1. I clean up litter when I’m outside. Sadly, Mom won’t let me eat it, but I do my best.

    Love and licks,

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