Woohoo for Friday! It’s that day where we meet a feathery friend! We’re going to South America to meet a bird of prey who has a very particular prey! Grab your wellies because we’re heading in to the marshes!

e & e wetlands


sail kite   Range/Habitat: Cuba-Central & South America/ wetlands-marshes

   Diet: Carnivore: apple snails

   Length/Weight: 16-18”/ 13-14 oz

   Conservation Status: common 


Fun Facts:

  •          Snail Kites fly slowly and low to the ground to spot their snail meals.
  •          They have a curved beak they use to remove the snail from its shell.
  •          Male snail kites are dark grey.
  •          Female snail kites are brown.
  •          Snail kites nest in bushes or on the ground.

Snail kites are gorgeous! Often birds of prey are not so specialized when it comes to food. We do wonder if apple snails taste like apples though. If they do, Edmond might try them out!

sail kite2   sail kite3

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2 thoughts on “FEATHERY FRIDAY # 73

  1. I wish I had a curved beak. It looks very useful!

    What an exciting double milestone – 100 posts and 1000 likes! Congratulations! Now, if only there were a delicious fresh egg or succulent coot, we could celebrate properly….. Hmmmm…

    Love and licks,

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