It’s Feathery Friday and we’re going to the tropical seas to meet a bird who spends most of it time out over open water. So let’s board the E & E boat and head out on today’s bird watching adventure!

e e boat


sooty tern   Range/Habitat: Worldwide/ Tropical seas

   Diet: carnivore: fish

   Length: 13-14”

   Conservation Status: common 


Fun Facts:

  •          Sooty Terns are brownish-black on top with white on the bellies.
  •          They are often seen in large flocks over open ocean.
  •          Sooty terns swoop near the water to scoop up prey.
  •          Sooty terns do not dive.
  •          They nest in large colonies on small islands.
  •          Sooty terns have a life span of up to 32 years.

Sooty terns are beautiful birds. We love that there are amazing birds that fly over open waters looking for their dinner!

sooty tern2   sooty tern3

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