We’re off to Japan to meet today’s monkey! These primates live in very cold climates and are very adaptive to that climate! Grab your coats and let’s head off to meet…

e e arctic


japanese macaque   Range/Habitat: Japan/mountains-forests

   Diet: Omnivore: fruit, leaves, insects

   Length/Weight: 18-23”/ 17-24 lb

   Conservation Status common


Fun Facts:

  •          Japanese macaques are also known as the snow monkey.
  •          They live in the most northerly habitat of any monkey.
  •          Japanese macaques live in troops of around 40 individuals.
  •          Japanese macaques sit in hot springs to keep warm.
  •          They have a “culture”. They teach younger generations adaptive skills. These skills vary by troop.

Japanese macaques are really cute with their fluffy grey coats of fur and their little red faces. We think it is super cool that they have their own hot tubs!

japanese macaque2   japanese macaque3

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