Woohoo, we’re excited that it’s Reptilian Tuesday! We’re going to southern Africa to meet an adorable little tortoise! Grab your sunscreen and gear and let’s go on an adventure!

e & e safari van


speckled padloper   Range/Habitat: West Southern Africa/ desert-scrub

   Diet: Herbivore: succulent plants

   Length:  2 ¼- 3 ¼”

   Conservation Status: near threatened


Fun Facts:

  •          Speckled Padloper tortoises are the smallest tortoise in the world.
  •          They are also known as the Speckled Cape Tortoise.
  •          The males are smaller than the females.
  •          Speckled padloper tortoises hide under rocks for protection.
  •          Their shells are covered in tiny black spots.

These little tortoises are so cute! Tortoises come in such different sizes; from these tiny ones to the giant Galapagos tortoise! Which one is your favorite?

speckled padloper2   speckled padloper3

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