We’re heading to Southeast Asia to find today’s feathery friend. These little birds are often found in parks and near homes, so let’s have an evening picnic and meet today’s bird!

e e picnic


sunda scops owl   Range/Habitat: Southeast Asia/ forests, suburbs

   Diet: carnivore: insects, rodents

   Length/Weight: 8”/3 ½-4 oz

   Conservation Status: common 


Fun Facts:

  •          Sunda Scops Owls are small.
  •          They have prominent ear tufts.
  •     Sunda Scops owls hunt at dusk.
  •          Sunda Scops owls lay up to 3 eggs per clutch.
  •          Male and females call together.

Sunda Scops owls are so cute. We wish we had them near us! It’s great that they love to eat bugs too!

sunda scops owl2   sunda scops owl3

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