Today we are celebrating those amazing striped members of the feline family, the tiger! We’re going to learn some fun facts, share some great photos and give you a place where you can help protect these majestic creatures! Bring on the stripes!



  • All tigers live in Asia.
  • There are 5 species, all of which are endangered.
  • Tigers are carnivores.
  • The largest member of the cat family is the Siberian tiger.
  • Tigers are mostly nocturnal.
  • They are all ambush predators.
  • Tigers are excellent swimmers and love the water.
  • Tigers are solitary and territorial.
  • A tiger’s stripes are on their skin too.
  • Every tiger’s stripe pattern is unique.

tiger2   tiger









tiger5  tiger8







These beautiful cats do need our help! The World Wildlife Fund and Panthera works tirelessly to help protect the few remaining tigers in the wild. You can help too, by checking out their websites! You can even adopt a tiger from World Wildlife Fund- a stuffed one that is :)!


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