It’s Reptilian Tuesday and we’re off to South Africa to meet one cool lizard! Grab your backpack and safari gear and let’s load up on the Ellie and Edmond safari vehicle!

e e grasslands2


sungazer   Range/Habitat: South Africa/grasslands

   Diet: Carnivore: insects, small vertebrates

   Length:  11-15 ½”

   Conservation Status: vulnerable


Fun Facts:

  •          Sungazers are also called the Giant Girdled Lizard.
  •          They bask at the entrance of their burrows.
  •          Sungazers live in burrows. Those burrows usually face north or northwest.
  •          Sungazers have armored tails with pointed scales.
  •          They hibernate in the winter!

These Sungazer lizards are so amazing with their armored tails. When they feel threatened they go in their burrow and leave that pointy tail blocking the entrance to their home! Neat!

sungazer2   sungazer3

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3 thoughts on “REPTILIAN TUESDAY #78

  1. Oh shivers. They look awesome. Not something I think would like to play with me though – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

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