We’re super excited to head down to South America for today’s adventure! We’re going to meet a flamingo and do some flamenco! Hahahaha!  

E & E lake


puna flamingo

   Range/Habitat: West South Amercia/ wetlands-salt lakes

   Diet: herbivores: microscopic algae

   Length/Weight: 8”/3 ½-4 oz

   Conservation Status: near threatened


Fun Facts:

  •          Puna flamingos are also known as James’s Flamingos.
  •          They are pink with red streaks.
  •          Puna flamingos are one of 3 South American flamingo species.
  •          Puna flamingos live in high altitude.
  •          They live in large flocks.

Puna flamingos do a fancy mating dance during breeding season. They even do it as a flock! Get on your dancing shoes!

puna flamingo2  puna flamingo3

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