Back your bags and let’s get ready to go to Australia to meet a cute little mammal! Brush up on your best accent and let’s go on today’s adventure!

e & e rainforest2


ringtail2   Range/Habitat: Eastern Australia/ forests, parks, rainforests

   Diet: Herbivore: leaves, eucalyptus

   Length/Weight: 12-14”/ 25-39 oz

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Queensland ringtails have reddish/gray fur.
  •          They are also known as the Common Ringtail Possum.
  •          They are arboreal.
  •          Queensland ringtails are nocturnal.
  •          Queensland ringtails have long prehensile tails.


Queensland ringtails are adorable little mammals! Australia is not a huge place, but it sure is full of all kinds of amazing animals!


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2 thoughts on “MAMMAL MONDAY # 81

  1. He is adorable!

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