Woohoo- it’s time to meet another bird friend and we’re heading to the northern United States to meet today’s feathery friend. The good news is that this bird can be found all over the world! Are you ready? Let’s go!!!!

e e grasslands


hen harrier    Range/Habitat: North America-Europe-Asia/grasslands

    Diet: Carnivore: small mammals

    Length/Weight: 17-20 ½”/13-19 oz

    Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Hen harriers fly close to the ground.
  •          They have keen eyesight and hearing.
  •          Hen harriers nest on the ground.
  •          Hen harriers females are brown and the males are gray.
  •          Females are larger than the males.

Hen harriers are cool birds of prey. The way the fly close to the ground is very unusual! Watch out animals!

hen harrier2    hen harrier3

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