We’re celebrating vultures today! We bet you aren’t ready for your International Vulture Day party are you? Well, we have you covered! We’ve got pictures, fun facts and even some recipes for vulture snacks! Let’s get this party started!

Our pal Vinny!

Our pal Vinny!



  • There are 23 species of vultures in the world. Fourteen of them are listed as endangered.
  • Vultures are classified as Old world (Europe, Asia, Africa) and New world (Americas).
  • Recent DNA shows that Old world and New world vultures are not related and probably have different ancestors.
  • Vultures eat carrion (dead animals). We like to call them the garbage birds of the world as they can eat things no other animal can.
  • Vultures are social animals.
  • A flock of vultures is called a kettle. We wonder if they drink a lot of tea?
  • Vultures have an excellent sense of smell and sight!
  • Vultures have featherless heads. This keeps them free of bacteria and parasites!
  • Vultures also urinate on their legs to keep them cool and free of bacteria. Eeeeewwww!
  • The Andean Condor is the largest species of vulture. They have a 9-10 foot wingspan!
  • The Hooded condor is the smallest species of vulture. They are about the size of a crow.
  • When threatened vultures throw up! Double eeeeeeeewww!!!

vulture  vulture2








vulture4   vulture5








So are you ready to serve up some vulture vomit? The keepers at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo have come up with some great recipes to serve all your pals! Check out their blog and get ready to party!


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