We’re back to our regular schedule and we’re heading to Africa today to meet a tiger! Ok, it’s not a real tiger, because we all know that tigers live in Asia! But we are meeting a snake that looks like tiger! So let’s back up our backpacks and our pith helmets and head to the African Savanna!

e  e africa night


   Range/Habitat: Southern Africa/ grasslands

   Diet: Carnivore: lizards, rodents

   Length: 3 ¼-4 ft

   Conservation Status: Common




Fun Facts:

  • African Tiger Snakes are nocturnal (active at night).
  • They are slow moving.
  • They have large eyes to help them see at night.
  • African tiger snakes have vertical iris.
  • African tiger snakes are yellowish-brown and orange with black blotches.
  • They are venomous but their venom is not dangerous to humans.

Aren’t these snakes spectacular? They have such wonderful coloration that looks just like a tiger! If you could make a snake look like another animal what pattern would you do? Ellie would like to see a giraffe snake and Edmond wants to see a zebra snake!

african tiger snake2   african tiger snake

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