We’re heading to the wild west of the United States today! Grab your cowboy hats and boots and let’s off on an adventure to find a little bird with amazing camouflage! Have you been working on your observation skills partners?

e e desert


common poorwill   Range/Habitat: South Canada-Central United States/ scrub-desert

   Diet: carnivore: insects

   Length/Weight: 7-8”/ 1- 2 1/8 oz

   Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  •          Common Poorwills are the smallest member of the nightjar family in North America.
  •          They get their name from the male’s call.
  •          Common Poorwills are nocturnal.
  •          Common poorwills have excellent camouflage.
  •          They go into torpor (a similar state to hibernation) in winter.

These little birds are gorgeous and hard to spot! Those feathers look just like the rock and scrub habitat they live in!

common poorwill2   common poorwill3

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