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We’re celebrating Elephants today! Ellie could not be more excited! We would normally share some fun facts with you on this excellent day, but we are changing things up a bit! Elephant populations are in danger, all because of the illegal ivory trade! So we’re giving you some great resources and saying thank you to the organizations that are helping out elephants all over the world!

First up: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust!  This amazing organization takes in orphaned elephants are raise them to be released in the wild! Most of their orphans come in because they lost their mother to poachers. They world tirelessly protecting elephants and rhinos too! Check out their website- you can adopt an orphan or contribute to the center!

Next up: iWorry- this campaign was started by the David Sheldrick Trust. They are organizing marches around the world to educate people about the illegal wildlife trade! Check out their website and see if there is a march near you!

Next up: United for Wildlife! This collaboration was started by Prince William of England! Along with his pal David Beckham, they are partnering with World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, IUCN and others to stop illegal wildlife trade, including ivory! Check out how you can help here!

Last up: Save the Elephants and Yao Ming- these two are partnering to end the ivory and rhino horn trade and educate people about the harm of killing elephants and rhinos! Learn more about their excellent campaign here!

elephantEllie and her wild pals thank you for helping out elephants!!

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