It’s FRIIIIIIDAY and we’re off to some famous islands in the Pacific Ocean! Grab your gear and your adventurous spirit! We’re of the Galapagos Islands today!

e & e coast


galapagos hawk   Range/Habitat: Galapagos Islands/ mountains, grasslands, forests  

   Diet: carnivore: mammals, birds, lizards

   Length/Weight: 22”/ 23-30 oz

   Conservation Status: vulnerable


Fun Facts:

  •          Galapagos hawks are diurnal.
  •          Female Galapagos hawks are larger than the males.
  •          They have large talons.
  •          Galapagos hawks catch their prey from the air.
  •          Both the female and male take care of the young.

Galapagos hawks are gorgeous birds of prey! They are a vulnerable species as are other creatures on the islands. Several conservation groups are working to protect this amazing and historical place!

galapagos hawk2   galapagos hawk3

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