It’s off to South America for us today! Are you packed and ready to join us? We’re off to find a large mammal with an extraordinarily looooong tongue! Do you have a guess on who it might be? Grab your gear and let’s head out on today’s adventure!

e e grasslands2


giant anteater    Range/Habitat: Central- South America/ grasslands, forests,


   Diet: Insectivore: termites, ants

   Length/Weight: 5 ½-7 ¼ ft/ 60-90 lbs

   Conservation Status: vulnerable


Fun Facts:

  •          Giant anteaters have long tubular snouts with tiny mouths.
  •          They have 2 ft long tongues.
  •          Giant anteaters have poor eyesight.
  •          Giant anteaters have an excellent sense of smell.
  •          They have large front claws to dig in termite mounds.
  •          Giant anteaters are excellent swimmers.

Giant anteaters are such great creatures! They are related to sloths! Who knew that? When baby anteaters are born, they ride on their mothers backs!

giant anteater2    giant anteater3

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