Day 13- Back home to meet a local bird…

Day #13 (1/24/2014) Back home to meet a local bird…

      We decided to head home a day early to meet a city bird. These birds often get a bad reputation, but we just love them. A cold blast has come through here at HQs! We had to bundle up to go for a walk and find the Rock Dove!

e e orange scarves

Their range and habitat: Australia, Europe, Africa, South America/ urban-suburban

Their length/weight: 11-15”/8.4-13 oz    Their status: common

They are herbivores (seeds, fruits)


  • Rock doves are also known as the Rock pigeon or pigeon.
  • Their colors vary. They usually have some iridescent feathers.  
  • Rock doves are excellent navigators. They use the earth’s magnetic fields.
  • The babies are called squeakers. Male and females care for the babies.
  • Rock doves have been domesticated for about 5,000 years.


We sat and watched the local pigeons for quite a while in the cold. We have never understood why pigeons get so little respect. They are very adaptable and live in most major cities all over the world.  We think they are great reminder that no matter what kind of habitat you live in or near, wildlife finds a way! Go Pigeons Go! Class will be in session over at the University of E&E Sunday!

-Ellie and Edmond



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