Day 17- Off to meet a bat…

Day #17 (2/4/2014) Off to meet a bat…

      After a day of technical difficulties at HQs, we made it out to today’s destination. Being world travelers can be full of many troubles and trials. We took to the E&E plane to South America to meet a little member of that flying mammal family- bats! We trekked through the rainforest to find some amazing bats with long noses. It was hot and humid during the walk, but we had such fun trying to spot the Proboscus bat.

e & e rainforest

Their range and habitat: Mexico-Central South America/ rainforest

Their length/weight: 1 ½-2”/ 1/8- 7/32 oz    Their status: common

They are insectivores (insects)

proboscis bat

  • Proboscus bats are also called the sharp-nosed bat.
  • They have long pointed noses.
  • Proboscus bats roost in groups lining up nose to tail during the day.
  • Proboscus bats nocturnal.
  • There is usually one dominate male in the group.
  • Proboscus bats have white stripes on their backs.  

 proboscis bat2

We are sitting in camp for the night. It was so cool to find these little bats all line to line in the trees. We wanted to stay and watch them leave for the night, but we had to head back before dark. The rainforest is full of many predators at night.

-Ellieand Edmond



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2 thoughts on “Day 17- Off to meet a bat…

  1. Bats are adorable to me…thank you for sharing.

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